Eddie & SK’s Snack Bar – Old School & Garden Fusion

When SK approached FDTN, she wanted to do an old school snacks bar for her wedding to keep her guests entertained during reception as well to leave them memories.

We talked about the list of snacks and the bride made the selection with her hubby. With the given choices, FDTN gave recommendations on the presentation in accordance to her hotel wedding theme. Our vision was to have a garden theme, despite the old school snacks.

We gave the couple personalisation touches as well like a customised wedding emblem and a wooden painted sign to make the snack bar exclusively theirs.

Wooden Sign Label

Since an old school snacks theme, we decided to come up with a centrepiece that interests guests and picture worthy. With a glasshouse, old school toys and items were sourced with the intention to rake memories. The end result, a classy and yet old school snack bar was set up.

[flickr_set id=”72157649565275560″]


“Many thanks for the setup for last night.. Very nice deco.. A lot of praises that the deco is very nicely setup n beautiful.. Appreciate it.. Thanks again ;)” – SK

Yet another happy wedding makes our day!

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