Jeremy & Eileen’s Wedding

Eileen: Hiya. Do you decorate bridal car? (She proceeds to send images of a trolley bus)
FDTN: Wow.. That’s your bridal “car”?
Eileen: Haa
FDTN: For real?

And that’s how it all began. Receiving an whatsapp enquiry from Eileen end March. Eileen had spotted the bus commuting on roads and she wanted something special for as the wedding day ride together with her entourage party. Having not done a wedding bus decor before, we took up the challenge bravely.

First things first is to know your “enemy”. We made arrangements to track down so as to recee the bus that was in operation. We took pictures and shared with the bride. We looked for ideas on how to decorate the bigger than norm wedding vehicle and met up with the couple to discuss the colours, decor to be done.

The other aspect Eileen had wanted are customised signages – green road sign with their names and signs to announce the bride’s arrival during the march-in.

Here are the signs we hand crafted for the couple. Adding a playful touch as the Part II of the march-in signs warned Jeremy that it was too late to run now. We can imagine the guests chuckling when they see the sign.

And unveiling the wedding bus decor…

[flickr_set id=”72157654789428408″]

The colours, white, pink, purple, symbolising purity, sweetness and romance, they complemented each other. To combat the possibility of having wet weather, we had made tulle poms poms (as you may have spotted earlier on our IG) and fabric buntings. “Just Hitched” sign was definitely also weather proof!

The interior of the bus had flower pews which we made little bouquets for easy removal and they can be either recycled for the dinner reception or given to guests. Pictures hung from the handle bars of the bus, bringing the couple down memory lane.

“I like your proactiveness & professionalism! Thank you!” – words from the couple.
Touched by these appreciative words and this boosted our energy levels! We thank both Jeremy & Eileen for believing in us to participate in your big day, despite no prior portfolio decorating a bus.   Wishing you both blissful lives ahead!

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