Louis and Jolyn’s Holy Matrimony

It all began with an enquiry to rent the garden lamps. As we chatted, Jolyn mentioned that she was looking for a person to do flower arrangements as she wanted her church aisles decorated with baby’s breath during her holy matrimony which happened to fall on 14 February, Valentine’s Day.

As her wedding is spread over two days, her actual wedding being on the day after. Jolyn’s purse strings for her wedding are tight. With a tight budget, we used garden lamps for her church march in instead of having a wedding arch.

The aisle benches had connecting sashes except for the first two rows whereby bows were used instead for the ceremony’s witnesses easy access. The church was also equipped with warm glowing chandeliers, illuminating  the pink sashes and add a cosy ambiance to the joyful affair. the venue decor received much compliments from the couple’s guests.

We also added sashes along the rails of the stairs that led to the sanctuary’s entrance. Lastly, the ceremony and reception tables for the sweet couple were also not left out. The ceremony table’s decor was simple and sweet. We were very blessed to get powder pink roses that overflowed with sweetness.

[flickr_set id=”72157650453349497″]

We looked forward to the receiving the beautiful professional photographs of the lovely wedding. May Louis and Jolyn be forever sweet like they always have been. Thank you for having From Day Till NIght participate in your big day.

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