Valentine’s Day 2016

This year, we went beyond the catalogue, by having NO catalogue. Yup, there is no typo error. We did not have a catalogue. Clients placed their order with us by giving us their colour preference along with their budget in mind. From there, we crafted unique pieces for their intended receivers:

[flickr_set id=”72157663838977234″]

With different personalities, our choice of flora were also different. We were also entrusted the task of crafting a huge bouquet of proposal roses. With a centre of 66 roses, we surrounded the huge bouquet with soft baby’s breath and green foliage.

The proposal was a success! Picture of our beautiful lady hugging her roses was sent to us by their close friend who coordinated the flowers.

We thank all the support given by those who believed in our flora craft despite no picture references to select the bouquets beforehand.

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