Weiming & Elaine’s 1980s Themed Wedding

Elaine is one of the very first brides who entrusted FDTN with a bouquet job. It was back in August 2013 when we did an eustomas solemnisation bouquet for her. We must have some chemistry between us that we hit off very well, like we knew each other for ages.

Elaine had wanted to her bridesmaids to enjoy themselves more at her wedding so under the consensus of her husband, Weiming, she decided to let FDTN do her wedding venue decor for her. Secondly, we did her hand bouquet as well as bridal shops’ designs are usually of the norm. Elaine had always hoped that she will be able to have peonies for her bouquet. However, peonies are off season now and we may not be able to get our hands on them. We did promise her craspedia though, her favourite colour is yellow and she loved the cute buttons. The last item under our care was car decor modification with tying services.

Elaine did sounded slightly disappointed when we first told her that maybe we couldn’t get peonies and even if we did, prices would be high. We took the gamble and went ahead with pink peonies despite the prices. We were glad we did, the bouquet turned out fabulous and the pictures looked pinterest alike. Besides, at the end, we also managed to get the nods of the Weiming. What a lucky bride to have the support of her doting husband!

[flickr_set id=”72157649998813859″]

Elaine did not know what her bouquet will be made up of till the day of her wedding. We planned it as a surprise for her and Weiming did not divulge it despite collecting the bouquet one day before.  She loved it so much that she made a call during her morning gatecrash to us, telling how she loved her bouquet and that it’s very special and unique! 🙂

The car tying was  a challenge as we did not have prior experience to tying a cooper convertible. The difficult part was that the boot of the car did not really have points to secure the sashes. Some how or rather, we managed it! Phew! We thank Weiming for his patience while we figured that out and he was always more than willing to offer his hand to hold sashes in place when we needed another pair of hands.

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The red cooper convertible was a once in a lifetime experience and sporting the white and champagne coloured sashes, the car looked elegant as well. Sashes and plushies are provided by bridal shop and couple respectively.

The last showcase was the venue decor. Elaine had a “Back to 1980s” theme for her wedding. Both the bride and groom had been kids of the 80s. She loved how things were in the past and she wanted to bring it to her guests as well, raking childhood memories and injecting a sense of simple fun. She decided on having a snacks bar corner with old school favourites like, Bee Bee Snack, Winpops, Iced Gems, Seaweed and Eyeglass Candies. We also agreed on having biscuit tins as red packets boxes instead of the usual ones. Lastly, we were to setup an albums display corner for her pre-wedding photoshoot albums along with a “wooden hearts” guestbook that we will be making it into a picture for the couple’s new home.

FDTN took it further and additional touches were incorporated, again as a surprise element for the lovely couple, going beyond what was discussed as above. Below set of photographs are courtesy of Euphoria.Graphy.

[flickr_set id=”72157650350358556″]

We developed the snacks bar into a Mama Shop (shop sign was designed by FDTN as well), remembering the days whereby we had endless fun with non-IT toys, no tablets, no smart phones. We had toys that worked on mechanisms of their own. The guests were elated at the small toys to takeaway. Customising a wedding emblem for the couple, the emblem was transformed into stickers and tags for a few of the snacks. We also prepared three game stations with classic games like Eraser Flag, Rubik’s Cube and Pick-up Sticks. You can read more about Singapore’s old school childhood games here. We spotted some adults having immerse fun playing the “Sticky Spiderman”, Pick-up Sticks, during the cocktail reception. Guests were kept very occupied.

We also came up with a “museum” corner whereby we displayed some of the old items we managed to track down for this 1980s themed wedding. We were actually feeling quite accomplished as hotel guests (outsiders, not the wedding guests) wandered into the foyer during our setup and asked us if we are going to have an exhibition soon. When we told them, “No, it is for a wedding venue decor”, they asked if they could quickly make a quick visit and snap some pictures. 😀

Customisation touches include having a road sign specially made for Weiming & Elaine. The road sign (the couple get to keep the one with their names for their new house!) was modelled after our street signs, having a local flavour to the design. There was also an adaptation of sign with blessings for the couple “白头至老” meaning growing old together.

We thank Weiming & Elaine for entrusting such an important day to us and left us to our creativity. Wishing Weiming & Elaine eternal blissfulness!

Other points to mention:

Beautiful makeup and hairdo by  Cynderella by Cynthia Oh – Makeup and Hair Artist Singapore

Interactive photo booth services (they can do actual day photography as well) by Euphoria.Graphy.

Hotel reception and banquet at Swisstoel Merchant Court Singapore

Actual day photography by Big Boss Production

Gowns from Destino Bridal Gallery

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